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Abortion Access Activist, Worker, or Patient

There are many different threat models within the abortion access movement. Whether you’re a clinician, clinic escort, activist, ally, patient in need of healthcare, or some combination of any of the above, there are many different steps you could take to improve your overall data security. That’s why we recommend starting with “Your Security Plan,” which will help you answer some questions and start making your own bespoke guide. Following that, we’ve compiled a list of other guides based on our educated guess about what you might want to learn next.

Remember, digital privacy and security is a team sport; whether you’re providing or seeking healthcare services, marching in protests, or providing allyship for others, we must take care of ourselves and each other in turn. Share these guides with those you care about protecting.

  1. اپنے خدشات کا تعین کرنا
  2. اپنے کوائف محفوظ رکھنا
  3. دوسروں کے ساتھ رابطہ کرنا
  4. (مظاہروں میں شرکت ( امریکہ
  5. سماجی نیٹ ورکس پر اپنا تحفظ کرنا
  6. Mobile Phones: Location Tracking