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Journalism student?

Lessons in security they might not teach at your j-school. anchor link

Journalism school teaches you many things, but it doesn't always cover how to protect yourself from surveillance. Click through to learn how to assess the risks you face and how to protect yourself against them. This playlist will teach you how to understand various threats, communicate safely with others, protect yourself and your data online, and get around Internet censorship.

  1. Creating Strong Passwords
  2. Keeping Your Data Safe
  3. د انکرپشن (په رمز د پیغام اړول څو نور یې ونشي لوستلای) په اړه زه باید په څه باندي پوه شم؟
  4. ستاسو د امنیت پلان
  5. Communicating with Others
  6. How to: Circumvent Online Censorship
  7. Protecting Yourself on Social Networks
  8. څنګه: په خوندي توګه: خپل ډاټا (معلومات) پر لینکس (Linux) کې له منځه یوسئ
  9. څنګه: په خوندي توګه خپل ډاټا (معلومات) پر وینډوز له منځه یوسئ
  10. How to: Delete Your Data Securely on macOS