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LGBTQ Youth?

Tips and tools to help you more safely access LGBTQ resources, navigate social networks, and avoid snoopers. anchor link

If you lack proper support and access to LGBTQ resources, this guide teaches you how to explore such resources online in a safer way to help avoid accidental outing to your peers, family, or online advertisers as a result of online tracking or nosy snoopers.

  1. Creating Strong Passwords
  2. ستاسو د امنیت پلان
  3. Communicating with Others
  4. Choosing Your Tools
  5. How to: Encrypt Your iPhone
  6. Protecting Yourself on Social Networks
  7. How to: Use Signal on iOS
  8. Privacy for Students
  9. د شبکې سانسور باندې پوهیدل او د هغه لاره چاره (خنډ له مینځه وړل)