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Journalist on the move?

How to stay safe online anywhere without sacrificing access to information. anchor link

Journalists are used to working in dangerous situations, but there's no need to take unnecessary risks with your data and communications. With this playlist, you can learn how to understand your threat model , communicate safely with others, and circumvent online censorship.

  1. Creating Strong Passwords
  2. Keeping Your Data Safe
  3. Attending a Protest
  4. Your Security Plan
  5. Things to Consider When Crossing the U.S. Border
  6. Communicating with Others
  7. How to: Circumvent Online Censorship
  8. Choosing the VPN That's Right for You
  9. How to: Delete your Data Securely on Linux
  10. How to: Delete Your Data Securely on Windows
  11. How to: Delete Your Data Securely on macOS