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In Surveillance Self-Defense news, we've revamped the home page to make navigating the site a bit easier. Now you can access all of the SSD guides directly from the home page by hovering over "Overviews," "Tutorials," or "Briefings." You can still access the full list of guides by clicking on the Index. We're also excited to announce that this week we launched SSD in Thai.

Here are a few other changes and additions we've recently made:

How to: Use Signal - Private Messenger

Open Whisper Systems recently released its newest version of Signal. Signal is an app for iPhone that, prior to its newest update, allowed users to make end-to-end encrypted phone calls to other Signal users. The 2.0 version allows users to send end-to-end encrypted group, text, picture, and video messages between Signal on iPhone and TextSecure and RedPhone on Android. We've updated our How to: Use Signal - Private Messenger guide accordingly.

How to: Delete Your Data Securely

Our original How to: Delete Your Data Securely guide was an all-in-one guide, including tips for secure deletion on Mac OS X, Windows, and *nix operating systems. We've since written separate guides for each Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux so readers don't have to sift through unnecessary content. Additionally, we originally gave instructions on using Eraser to delete data from Windows and *nix operating systems; our new guides teach readers how to delete their data using BleachBit.

New Glossary Terms

Below are new terms that have been added to the SSD glossary.

Seven Steps to Digital Security

We've added a new module, Seven Steps to Digital Security that outlines some basic tips to consider when thinking about your own digital security.

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