How to: Install Tor Messenger (beta) for macOS


What is Tor Messenger? Anchor link

Tor Messenger is an instant messaging client that sends messages over the Tor anonymity network. It is available for Linux, macOS, and Windows. Tor Messenger supports a variety of messaging networks and protocols including IRC, XMPP, Twitter, Google Talk, and others. In addition, off-the-record encryption is built in.

In its default configuration, Tor Messenger only communicates via the encrypted off-the-record (OTR) protocol. This means that if you want to talk with someone who doesn't have a program capable of chatting over OTR, you won't be able to communicate with them. You can change this option by going into “Tools -> OTR Preferences” and unchecking “Require encryption,” but keep in mind this will send your conversations over plaintext so your instant messaging provider can see the message contents.

Tor Messenger is still in beta, which means that it may have reliability or functionality shortcomings. Use with caution.


Downloading & installing the client Anchor link

Go to Click on the “Get the latest version” link. From this page, click on the “macOS” link.

The Tor Messenger installer will be downloaded to your downloads folder. Click on the “Downloads” icon on your desktop to get there.

Then click on the installer file.

A window will appear allowing you to install Tor Messenger to your applications. Drag the Tor Messenger chat bubble to the Applications folder to install.

Now, when you type “tormessenger” into Finder, it will be one of the first results.

Double-click the green Tor Messenger icon to start the application. A warning may pop up telling you that this is an application that has been downloaded from the Internet. You can safely click “Open.”

When the application starts, you can make sure it stays in your dock by long-clicking the icon, choosing “options,” then “Keep in Dock.”

Now you're ready to set up the messenger and start chatting. See our How to: Use Tor Messenger (beta) for macOS guide for step-by-step instructions.


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